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24 thoughts on “Requests

  1. I don’t have ability to read JP, so I don’t know what’s name is, but it’s from artist megumiya ^^ (the one popular TOUHOU Artist DJ ♥)

    The main story talking about Sakuya, Alice, and Remi ^^…. Nice arts ^^… Hope you guys will consider trans it :D. Thank you!

  2. Do you translate Official Touhou? Because I just got in my hands one of the latest chapters of Touhou Ibarakasen and I have no idea where to post it…

      • You see I have already posted it on Magic Archive but it seems they’re ignoring it… Maybe because they’re still translating the 3rd volume and the one I posted is the-second-to-last chapter of the 4th volume. The thing is that somebody else has already translated the manga up to the 20th chapter (I’m guessing Clarste and some other Touhou fan who happens to know Japanese) and the one I have is the 21st. Somebody needs to translate it. I’m sorry for being a burden. I’m not asking you to translate it, I just need help with this issue.

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