Granblue Fantasy ch.03



Editing: kyoukaya
Translation: 七夏

MEGA // Batoto // PSD

I decided to utilize my artistic freedom a little more this chapter (i.e memes). Are the references/jokes uncalled for? Tasteless? Trampling over the author’s artistic direction? Who’s to say?

I’ll release PSDs for every chapter from here onwards. Download them if it’ll help you translate Granblue into another language, or for fun. No need to credit us if you use them.

Now for something less important and maybe even trivial, I’m sure you, our dear reader, has realized that I strictly use the official English names provided by Cygames no matter how ridiculous (ahem, Vyrn). It just sounds so vastly different, though I suppose they were trying to draw a line to wyverns. At the very least, there’s no Japanese audio accompanying the manga to form that audio-visual dissonance. Personally, I feel that the importance of a spin-off manga like this, is it’s ability to relate back to its origins, Granblue Fantasy the mobile game. The vast majority of readers would be playing the game in English and would better relate to characters, places, things better. There’s also the fact that there is sometimes many ways of romanizing names so a definitive list of names from an authority would standardize the field, but let’s just pretend that isn’t as important.

Granblue Fantasy ch.02


This time on Kiznaiver Fantasy…

Editing: kyoukaya
Translation: 七夏

MEGA // Batoto

A much shorter chapter than the first, as it should be. We’re finally getting out of the prologue! If you’d like to translate this manga into another language, and are are too lazy to redraw some stuff, drop me a message and I’ll send the psds over!