Granblue Fantasy ch.08


Typical Japanese plot cuck

Editing: kyoukaya (@kyoukaya)
Translation: 七夏 (@toynanaka)
QC: Afezeria (@hymmnote)

Mega // Batoto // PSD

The “huh?” panel was the main contender for release picture but it wasn’t very wide and, well, memes. You might’ve noticed that Rackam talks about a ship’s “Dragon Bone” again, he last talked about it when they first crash landed on Port Breeze. The game localizes it as the ship’s keel, but I wanted to leave it as such to give a fantastical air about it.

Also, if you’re looking for a guild to join, FMNL is recruiting competitive players for its main guild and casual players for its sister guild! Drop me (kyoukaya) a message on twitter, IRC, or anywhere you can find me really, for more information. If you’re an artist, work on scanlations, or contribute content to the fandom, I’d be really interested in hearing from you!


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