Granblue Fantasy ch.01



Art: OOIWA Kenji (Best known for Welcome to the NHK!)
Story: FUUGETSU Makoto (Best known for Re:Zero)

Editing: kyoukaya
Translation: 七夏

MEGA // Batoto

Special thanks to Mikanrin for helping out with some of the localized names. I’ll probably get it up to batoto next week.

Edit (5th June): Fixed spelling mistakes, reuploaded on MEGA. Uploaded to Batoto.


5 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy ch.01

    • I understand that the Japanese version is the “definitive” version. However, with the official English translation, they’ve given us a standard set by the (English) production team themselves. I won’t belittle their localisation team, they’ve done a great job with the game itself even though they’ve outsourced a lot of the work (and it showed originally, but they fixed the problems as well).
      There have always been, and will always be conflicts with localised names, but I choose to honour the decision by Cygames.

      • I respect your opinion and understand, though I disagree with your saying about the localisation being good. It’s passable at best and there are still several problems to be fixed. That said, issues are still abundant and probably won’t be fixed due to how little priority they’re given.

      • The QC is certainly janky at times, but the content is accessible and easily understood, which is what I believe localization should be. I do however confess to not having the time to read through the entire story yet. Though I’m curious as to what exactly bothers you as I refer to the localizations when editing the script.

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