[I’m alive somehow] Trapping the maid here and there

I’m only patriotic on national day because I get to see taxpayer’s money get shot into the air and explode into tiny particles while looking rather cool and dramatic against the night sky. Something like that, yeah.

[Nantoka ikitemasu] Meido o hasande achira to kochira Side: A
[なんとか生きてます。] メイドを挟んであちらとこちら Side:A

Written and drawn by Megumiya

Translation: 七夏 (Nanaka)
Editing: Nuuby
QC: pasu

MEGA (v2) | Mediafire | Dynasty
This is r18 btw,

V2 fixes a single word on page 16. If you don’t want to redownload the entire thing, here’s the page itself.

I must apologize for the delay in the typesetting, but at least it got finished in time to be released on our national day (barely). Here’s to wishing everyone a, rather bleated, nice long weekend. Also these circle names, I swear there must be some kind of inside joke. If I ever get the chance I would want to ask the doujinshis the story behind it or if they were just like herpderp here’s a circle name and it sounds cool so why not. I’m thinking more of the latter though.

Oh and if you’re in Singapore around this time go support our friends over at Toho Hijack during the pop culture weekend thingy (17th August).


3 thoughts on “[I’m alive somehow] Trapping the maid here and there

  1. I dont want to be nickpick but pg 16 but it says “won’t you let me hear your cute voice once motre” instead of more.

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