Tiny Sakuya & Hardworking Noukarin

A double release! Now isn’t that special? Picture is relevant, tsunderers op.

Well basically, we’re releasing Tiny Sakuya by nekikiro@ANGELTYPE and Hardworking Noukarin by Hasegawa Keita@Vitamin Rice. Skipping on ahead to the downloads~

Tiny Sakuya: Mediafire | Batoto
Hardworking Noukarin: Mediafire | Batoto

Translate: kirandra, 七夏
Redraws: pasu
Typeset: Nuuby
QC: Senjougahara, SinfulTengu, “up to you”

Too lazy to split up the credits. Anyway, we’re finally done with the Noukarin series! Hurrah. I also like this one the most out of the 4. Tiny Sakuya (mittenhead Sakuya) is also the smallest release that we have at 3MB, how befitting? Andd~ that’s about it, somehow I don’t have much to say on a double release post… Though if you play Tera EU leave your character name and maybe we can play together hue hue.


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