[Vitamin Rice] Wonderful Noukarin

Hide your loved ones, cos’ Advent Cirno’s coming for their eyes. Not even Cirno is spared!

Raws: freeqwq @e-hentai.org
Translator: 七夏
Clean/typeset: Nuuby
QC: TheKindlyOne

Download (Mediafire)

Jokes asides, there’s significantly less potato action than the last Noukarin book we worked on. Chen is the only one who mentions the word ‘potato’ in the entire thing! And I thought there was going to be lots of potatoes… Well potatoes aside as well, we will be working on the last Noukarin book as well (finally), Hataraku. Other plans include that Angel Type C83 doujin. Oh and we’re looking to pick up a few more members for the team, any position is fine really.

P.S.: I really really want to finish Soul May Cry 2 but raws = where
P.P.S: We’re looking for Gundam Exa scans as well, decent ones.
P.P.P.S : Yes e-hentai.org, it’s explained somewhere in the credits.


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