[Vitamin Rice] Noukarin Andante

Release picture is actually very related. Noukarin Andante is about potatos, love (in a vague sense) and also cell microbiology (in a very vague sense). Actually I think I’m kidding about the last part.

Raws : Merp
Translator : 七夏
Cleans : pasu
Proofread : venappo

Typeset : Nuuby
QC : Senjougahara

Download (Mediafire)

It’s a really light-hearted doujin, very calm and peaceful. I almost feel at east just by reading i… Perhaps it’s a side effect from looking at Noukarin for too long. Philo zombie got real little downloads, I was kinda sad but maybe everyone downloaded the gag-version instead. That would be good.

I could write about why this took about a week for me to upload after it’s actual completion, but I suppose that wouldn’t be very relevant at all as this post is now about potatoes.


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