[Ao] Touhou aojou・nu na tomo, mo yura ni


I don’t know what took us so long.

This was pretty much one of the slowest to finish, even by FMNL standards.  Continue reading

[Carcharias] Soga no Tojiko will not talk side story – Mononobe no Futo writes a narration

I'm not kidding you, Miko is now (temporarily) a shota.

What is Miko doing with a scroll that has non-japanese characters on it? why is Futo so cute? I always thought vulnerable Miko was great, but I have been deluded. Evil Miko is the best. Hail Toyosatomimi!

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[I’m alive somehow] Trapping the maid here and there

I’m only patriotic on national day because I get to see taxpayer’s money get shot into the air and explode into tiny particles while looking rather cool and dramatic against the night sky. Something like that, yeah. Continue reading


Or otherwise known as Garlic Koumakan 3 /shrug Continue reading

Tiny Sakuya & Hardworking Noukarin

A double release! Now isn’t that special? Picture is relevant, tsunderers op. Continue reading

[Vitamin Rice] Wonderful Noukarin

Hide your loved ones, cos’ Advent Cirno’s coming for their eyes. Not even Cirno is spared!

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[Vitamin Rice] Noukarin Andante

Release picture is actually very related. Noukarin Andante is about potatos, love (in a vague sense) and also cell microbiology (in a very vague sense). Actually I think I’m kidding about the last part.
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